Propelling Leadership For Success

AFC Power Strategy Group believes that training and education is essential to the success of professionals and organizations. Our team researches, develops, and facilitates a comprehensive set of conferences, seminars, and coaching services. We tailor each experience to meet the training needs of individuals in a variety of industries, companies, and job levels.


Power Strategy Leadership Program Series

Need more potent leadership to grow your bottom line? Need to propel your management skills to be more competitive? If so, we can help! We can train you to merge your leadership and technical skills to excel in highly competitive markets.

Effective leaders are needed now more than ever. Building a driving and competitive business takes time, skill, and smarts! With markets that are in constant flux, the need for dynamic leaders is crucial. Our exclusive training program is designed to take your productivity, performance, and profitability to the next level. We will train and equip you with what is needed to merge your leadership and technical skills in order to excel in highly competitive markets. To better tailor the experience, each conference has a specific focus. Our programs include the following customizable editions:

Budgeting & Planning


Educators Edition

Educational Support Professionals

Food Service

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Professional

Human Resources Professionals


Mission, Motivation & Money

Sales Edition

Small Business Owner

Staff (Frontline Workforce)

Workplace Stressors

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AFC Power Strategy Group has trained experts to facilitate a variety of seminars. Our sessions focus on leadership, management, finance, and technical training. Our seminars will show you how to improve essential skills for staff, managers, and executives and importance of communication, strategic planning, and action plan implementation. We offer seminars on the following subject matters:

Branding yourself

Budgeting & Forecasting


Financial Decision Making – (CPAs, CFOs, Controllers, etc.)



Marketing vs. Sales

Organizational Design, Development, and Behavior

Wellness within Workplace

Work- life Integration

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As one philosopher stated: “Good leaders are trailblazers, making a path for others to follow. Great leaders, however, inspire their people to reach higher, dream bigger, and achieve greater. Perhaps the most important leadership skill you can develop is the ability to provide inspiration to your team. If you inspire them to reach for the stars, they might just bring you the moon.” Our performance consultants foster this concept. We believe the success of any establishment is in the leadership.

Our experienced professionals work diligently to tailor our individual and team coaching services to develop internal and external skills necessary to promote you as a leader and productive professional. Our coaching solutions are designed to impact any industry and employees/employers at all levels (from the frontlines to the CEO). Among those areas in which our performance consultants and coaches can assist you are:

Business Coaching

We help provide individual one-on-one coaching to students, staff, managers, and small business owners to help them focus on necessary skills to achieve measurable results.

Team Coaching

We work with managers to facilitate team training sessions that address ways to improve internal (or interdepartmental) communication, increase the understanding and acceptance of roles and expectations, and increase team project efficiency and productivity. We also as facilitate the conversation between managers and staff members regarding employee growth and development.

Leadership Coaching

We give in-depth training and guidance to leaders on all organizational levels. To best position leaders in their roles, we host a series of activities with focus on sharpening personal and organizational leadership skills.

Executive Coaching

We work with upper level management and executives that seek to develop and expand essential skills necessary to stabilize competing priorities such as the bottom-line, economic decline, employee trust, and the development of people on all levels. It also focuses on interpersonal and survival skills need to balance upper level stress personally and professionally.

Transitional Coaching

We help guide management and staff through transition phases of the organization. We seek to create consistency and sustainability during the transitioning of leadership, organizational expansion, and/or reduction of organizational capacity.