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Organizational Design

Creating the framework for organizational effectiveness

Every structure begins in the mind and becomes a design. Is your organization designed to survive or thrive? AFC Power Strategy Group believes that the right design is the framework that leads to organizational wholeness. We recognize that it is not just enough to have a design, but that the design must encompass capable leadership, well-positioned individuals, comprehensible work processes, and solid structure. We assist organizations by analyzing their overall structure, procedures, and operational workflow. Through this process, our advisors work to ensure development and enhancement of workflow efficiency, cohesive culture throughout the organization, employee buy-in, and stability of operating cost.

To guide clients into organizational wholeness, our advisors work with you in the areas of:

Business Design

To implement an effective business design, we analyze the business as a whole by looking at what it requires based upon competing industries, industry trends, and its strengths.

Organizational Culture

To establish a conducive organizational culture, we align the mission, vision, values, and people (their behavior, actions, and morale) of the business.

Talent Management

To encourage strong talent management, we identify the appropriate people and positions for achieving business objectives. We clarify the roles within the organization and how they fit together, review current and future training requirements, and identify future capabilities of the team.

Workflow Process

To establish effective workflow, we identify the processes and services that boost productivity.

Strategic Planning

An established plan is only as good as its next strategic maneuver

There’s a familiar saying: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Most organizations know this rule of thumb. Are you one of them? Does your business have an active plan in place, or a wonderfully drafted document that has been shelved?

AFC Power Strategy Group believes every organization should have a comprehensive strategic plan that helps guide the organization through the changing business cycle. Strategic planning allows a business to evaluate its present condition and anticipate the next best move into future growth.

At AFC Power Strategy Group, we can help you develop and implement a strategic planning process by working closely with management, staff, and stakeholders to:

Establish priorities
Agree on goals and intended outcomes
Adapt to organizational changes necessary to respond to a fluctuating business environment

Corporate Identity

Capturing Your Story

So, how do you feel about your own corporate identity? More important, how is your brand perceived by your target market? Your brand tells the story of who you are, what you do, and what you represent. It starts with your logo and web presence, continuing to advertising and marketing, and extends to your product and people.  Your brand has to communicate and make a positive impact on all of the brand attributes.  AFC Power Strategy Group can help you craft your brand story from start to finish.

Your company should be recognizable, identifiable, unique, and articulate a clear message to your target audience. Your brand differentiates you from your competitors by accenting who you are, what your brand exemplifies, who you want to do business with, and why clients should choose you.

If you are looking for brand creation, renewal, or evaluation AFC Power Strategy Group can provide the following:

Custom logo design or redesign
Customer experience evaluations
Tagline and slogan creation
Website design or redesign
Market research & development
Brand evaluation & management
Stationery design and printing (business cards, letterhead, booklets, brochures, etc.)
Social media design and enhancement
Personal imaging & consulting

Our area of expertise includes:

Graphic Design
Social Media Strategy
Corporate Event Planning
Photography & Videography
Organizational Engagement

Strategic Financial Management

Building your financial foundation on calculated sustainability

Are you managing your finances, or are your finances managing you? AFC Power Strategy Group believes that having sound financial resource management is the foundation to achieving your business objectives. We understand that strategic financial management plays an integral part in helping an organization attain short-term goals and value expansion, which better positions it for maximizing opportunities to achieve long-term results.

To assist your organization in the development or improvement of its strategic financial management, our advisors are able to work with you in the following areas:

Business Foundation Development

Working from the ground up, we can help you build a financial framework to initiate business objectives. This would involve defining the role of finance and creating financial vision and strategy.

Budgeting & Forecasting

We can assist you in creating a financial budget that best fits the current state of your organization, one that aligns itself to the objectives you hope to achieve in the future. Our team will not only help you create budget processes, but also identify and make improvements for/to existing budgeting trends or habits.

Financial and Operational Analysis

We can review and analyze your current financials to identify ways to increase profitability and cost efficiencies. This would involve assessing operations and processes to identify areas of misallocations of resources (e.g., people, materials, money).

Financial Growth Plan

We can help you establish a plan for determining or calculating the best timeframe for business growth (e.g., increasing resources, increasing/decreasing volume of distribution channels, tapping into different markets, etc.).

Information Technology (IT)

Propelling your business forward

Is your company keeping up with the latest advances in technology to enhance your business processes?

Are you prepared for the next opportunity or challenge that will change the way you currently operate? At AFC Power Strategy Group, we understand the importance information technology (IT) plays in anticipating the supply and demand of consumers, helping companies like you plan ahead to become more efficient well into the future.

Our IT advisors will help optimize your competitive advantage and improve your bottom line by delivering cost-effective process solutions.  We can assist you with:

IT Repairs (Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Malware, etc.)
Custom Computer Builds
Computer Setup, Tune-up, and Backup
Data Recovery
Business Solutions (Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Core Infrastructure, etc.)
Networking Solutions
Training and Consultation
Business Process Management
Digital Security and Privacy
Custom Application Development

Technical Communication

Bringing Information and Audience Together

How well does your organization communicate complex information clearly and concisely to its target audience? AFC Power Strategy Group understands that effective technical communication requires a specific set of writing skills and methods, which serve to inform, provide direction, speed comprehension, and drive appropriate action, and has the resources to address these needs.

To ensure the most effective results on any project, our technical communication advisors work directly with your subject matter experts to:

Design for accessibility and usability
Review, test, and produce information designed to deliver results
Develop deliverables according to your specifications. These may include:

  • Online Help
  • User Manuals and Quick-start Guides
  • Product Specifications & Data Sheets
  • Installation Manuals
  • Training Material and Tutorials
  • Software Development Documentation
  • Process Documentation

Our area of expertise includes:

Technical Writing and Editing
Graphic and Visual Design
Project Management
User Interface Conceptual Design
Web Content Management

Government Contract Management

Joining forces to achieve win-win procurements

Contract Management is the process of managing contracts, deliverables, deadlines, contract terms and conditions, in accordance with a signed agreement. We consist of team members who possess thirty plus years of successful contract management and audit experience from the corporate and government sectors. We are skilled advisors ready to guide you through the contract lifecycle including the Pre-award or Post-award contract phases.

We can help you:

Understand and implement FAR and DFAR regulations applicable for various type contracts
Conduct market research, determine proper contract type and formulate an acquisition strategy to garner future contract awards
Evaluate client current standing through our customized checklist that reviews NAICS codes, SAM registration, identification of product and service lines, and target agencies
Capitalize on your business certifications by identifying the opportunities most advantageous based on qualifications and past performance

Resolve inadequate incurred cost proposals by correcting errors and providing additional data requested to facilitate adequate resubmissions

Perform contract review and root cause analysis, making recommendations to remedy non-compliance and/or non-performance that endangers timely completion of contracts

Assist with invoicing and payments, monitoring contract funds expended and preventing cancellation of expiring funds

Eliminate contract closeout backlog through hands-on processing and training of contractor personnel

Increase performance and productivity through customized training on various contract administration processes such as government communications, invoicing, ethics, negotiation tactics, delivery schedule monitoring, and contract closeout