Management – Exceeding Expectations

By: Angela F. Carter, President & CEO

Just like the beach bird above, we must manage and cope with the many “little” and “big” elements of our professional and personal lives. The demands of our careers, families, education, and relationships can overwhelm us to a standstill. Don’t let it! It is time to gather the pieces of our lives and shift the load. Follow these “Three Steps” to your spectacular success! Your amazing self is waiting.

1. BEGIN Today is another chance to get it right or do it better. Dr. Myles Munroe defines planning as “the management of distance between your life and you”. What distance have you placed in your life? What things have you used as an excuse to limit you? Are you hoping for more time or more money? Hope is not a plan. The plan can only begin when you realize that everything you wish to achieve is still possible. We are only six months into 2016, which means, there are six more months to refocus and take control of your future. Begin!

2. FLY To take flight, you must get started right where you are – with what you have. Believe everything you need is available and any passionate goal is attainable. You cannot wait until all your problems are gone or life gets easier. Take the knowledge, tools, and skills you already have and be willing to shift the load. Modify your plan of action. Force yourself to focus on your goals each day and continue your flight toward success. Fly!

3. SOAR Once you are flying high, it is important to focus on the journey ahead. A simple distraction can sway your flight pattern into a painful nosedive. One cannot drive forward looking back. Constant maneuvering stabilizes the flight making acceleration to the next level possible. Look up and soar to your destiny. Soar!

We all hope to achieve balance in our lives; however, that is not what will create our success in this ever-changing world. Every day brings new challenges, opportunities, and distractions. Our goal should not be to balance our lives but to Rearrange, Adapt, and Adjust. Our success is in our skill to stay focused as we manage change and take control of our lives.

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