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Partner with us to achieve long-lasting results.

Who We Are

AFC Power Strategy Group is a management consulting firm that serves as trusted advisors to companies in the private, public, and social sectors. Organizations partner with us because we provide knowledge, solutions, and direction. We begin our work at ground zero working to understand your organization, how you operate, your vision, and the challenges currently being faced that prohibits or impedes progress. We are passionate about achieving measurable changes that helps clients achieve their goals in the most efficient manner with the least amount of risk.

Our mission is to help our clients make strategic and impactful business moves to achieve long-lasting organizational wholeness.

Our vision is to become the most sought after industry leader in management consulting services by developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients that endorse change in order for their business to become viable, sustainable, and growing.

Our Core Values

Place the clients interest first

While we are here to help further the vision and goals of our clients, this does not mean that we get them to the desired result by doing things their way. We are here to come up with a roadmap to get them where they want to be as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Uphold highest ethical and professional standards

We believe in upholding the highest standards in business, doing things the right way. We do not believe in taking short cuts that blur the lines of our ethics. As such, we carry ourselves as professionals on the job as well as off. How we represent ourselves to our clients is very important to us, and we are careful to respect culture, customs, and diversity.

Protect our client information

We know how important it is to have the trust of our clients, so any information they disclose remains confidential. We take great lengths to maintain the trust of our clients and protect their sensitive information.

Be truthful

In our business, it does little good to oversell or inflate expectations. It is our job to present our clients with a realistic view of the current condition in order to reach practical recommendations.

Deliver cost effective, superior results to every client

We do not believe in taking advantage of our client. We make the best use of their resources while giving them the best value.

Our Results

Our success is built on the success of our clients.

Our Clients

Our Team

We are focused on bringing you results.

The focus of AFC Power Strategy Group is not only to help clients solve complex problems and achieve results, but build relationships that reinforce our commitment to the wholeness and totality of each client. A key to building these relationships is ensuring that we have the most qualified associates. Our consultants have held managerial and leadership positions at companies such as Kinder Morgan, FMC Technologies, United Space Alliance, Service Corporation International, Pentair, Schlumberger, Department of Defense, City of Houston, and Deloitte. We seek out qualified associates with high performance and experience in finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, operations, and technology. Our consultants balance a collaborative force of creativity coupled with individual passion that produces reliable services to our clients.

How We deliver

Here, at AFC Power Strategy Group, we employ one strategy to deliver results: execute each project uniquely to each client. Our clients tell us what they want to accomplish, who will make the change happen, and together we make a strategic plan that provides clear directions as to how its implementation will achieve the desired outcome.

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Our Clients

AFC Power Strategy Group has helped companies and clients from small business to large corporations.
Some of our client projects include:

Private Practice Physician/Surgeon


  • Loss of revenue from insurance payments for patient services rendered
  • Inadequate filing, no tracking system for accounts receivable, incorrect medical coding
  • Payments forfeited due to 90 day limit for corrections and resubmissions to be processed


  • Daily coding of patient treatments and electronic submission of invoices
  • Established filing system for the various insurance companies
  • Reconciliation of payments received daily
  • Phone log of inquiries to insurance companies of rejected and/or late payments, eliminating the backlog of payments due


  • 200% increase in revenue
  • Partnered with the local technical college which provided a pool of qualified students who received direct work experience at an established medical practice, significantly saving labor costs over a period of time
  • In order to maintain the momentum achieved, a fulltime employee was hired to process medical coding/billing and the accounts receivable



  • A Department of Defense contractor repeatedly experienced rejected invoices
  • Identified two numbers contained in the line of accounting (funding mechanism) that were inadvertently transposed during the data entry process, which caused the non-availability of funds to process payments
  • The contract contained poorly written payment instructions
  • The non-receipt of payments quickly created a cash flow problem for the business


  • A contract modification was issued to revise  the payment instructions to prevent possible expiration of funds
  • The data entry on the line of accounting was corrected in the payment system


  • The contractor resubmitted proper invoices and received all outstanding payments in less than 30 days, totaling $125,637.00